Tarmin Board of Advisors

Tarmin has a highly respected team of seasoned storage and finance industry veterans advising to identify opportunities, access new markets, deliver growth and win customer satisfaction

Tarmin Board of Advisors

Tarmin's Board of Advisors has been instrumental in driving growth throughout its early stages of development and has been formed of valued advisors from within its strong network of contacts across the startup, venture capital, private equity and storage industries.

Michael L. Peterson - Founder and Chief Strategy Advocate for SNIA
Mark Faulkner - Founder, Roundhouse Financial Services LLP
Alain Gavin - Managing Partner at Psion Partners
Hussein Kanji - Venture Capitalist
Roy Sanford - Chief Marketing Officer at Stratus Technologies

Michael L. Peterson

Founder and Chief Strategy Advocate for SNIA

Michael has 38 years of experience in the storage and datacenter industries. Since 1988, he has been an independent market analyst, business and market development consultant, creator of trade associations (7), conferences (5), and companies. He has served (and continues to serve) on the startup teams and advisory boards of many of the giants of the industry, as well as many successful startups. As the founder and Chief Strategy Advocate of the Storage Networking Industry Association, he continues to participate at many levels and is engaged in the key new technologies and standards, along with the companies driving that work. He stays current with the startup and emerging company community through MarketFusion, a corporate development platform and service.

Mark Faulkner

Founder, Roundhouse Financial Services LLP

Mark has over 20 years' experience in providing financial planning advice to high net worth individuals. In 1991, he established Faulkner Associates, a FIMBRA registered brokerage offering financial investment advice to high net worth individuals and, in particular, wealthy South African families invested in the UK. In 2000, Faulkner Associates merged with Roundhouse Financial Services LLP, a FSA regulated broker, where he is currently a principal partner and equal shareholder in the combined business. Mark co-founded, a property company in the UK, which is now one of the largest privately owned property groups investing in council housing in London.

Alain Gavin

Managing Partner at Psion Partners

Alain is an experienced Private Equity Investor with a thorough understanding of the challenges involved in raising, investing and realizing private equity fund investments. He is Owner/Manager of a UK private equity business helping de-risk investments and is member of the investment committee of a UK fund. He benefits from a strong network among UK and German investors and entrepreneurs and has extensive experience of investing and portfolio work. He has engaged in the management, purchase and sale of business ventures chiefly in the UK, Japan and Continental Europe, is fluent in three languages and has broad international experience. He is responsible for providing external and internal consultancy and advice to numerous businesses and corporations on corporate strategy, market development, project management and benchmarking issues to enhance competitivity and increase shareholder value.

Hussein Kanji

Venture Capitalist

Hussein is an angel investor or advisor to several early stage startups as well as Tarmin. He is also an advisor to the Chairman of Eros International Plc, an Indian media and entertainment company, and Different Capital, an early stage venture firm run by four former video game executives. He also helps the UK government with technology policy. He was formerly with Accel Partners, where he focused on consumer internet, financial technology and software investments. Hussein began his career in the Bay Area, and helped found or play a key role at Safe-View (acquired by L-3), Radiance Technologies (acquired by Comcast) and Studio Verso (acquired by KPMG).

Roy Sanford

Chief Marketing Officer at Stratus Technologies

Roy is a creative, high achieving, positively motivated executive with over 25 years' outstanding technology experience. His experience in high tech companies reflects consistent career growth through a variety of job roles including business development, sales, marketing, product management, and general management, involving hardware, software applications and SaaS solutions. He has international experience and advanced business skills, including collaborative leadership, sales negotiation, market innovation, and public communication.