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Tarmin is always offering competent, dedicated and entrepreneurial individuals opportunities to benefit from emphasized personal development, continuous learning, enhanced career progression and, above all, the drive for success

Careers at Tarmin

Success through People

A significant key to Tarmin’s success is always its people. Tarmin’s management and employees demonstrate an entrepreneurial spirit that upholds the company’s commitment to innovation. Tarmin encourages the best and brightest IT professionals to work in a fast paced, team environment.

Supportive and Vibrant Environment

Tarmin is driven to assist their workforce to be the best they can be, fulfilling their potential. Tarmin's open and supportive atmosphere ensures that the team is always ready and willing to help each other, both professionally and personally, in a vibrant and lively environment.

Personal Development

The environment at Tarmin is supportive, collaborative, and respectful. Growth comes from formal training, which will provide a foundation of tools and skills. Nevertheless, the most valuable learning happens through informal mentoring and guidance from colleagues every day. All employees are driven to support success at Tarmin as personal success is tightly linked to business success. The Tarmin team will help with the skills required to grow and become a leader, and colleagues will expect the same in return.

Tarmin is a place where continuous growth is required, though in a collaborative rather than competitive fashion. The objective is to ensure that Tarmin people become the best they can be, and the team is ready to help people succeed in their goals.

For more information about current opportunities, simply email info@tarmin.com or use the contact form below.

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