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Tarmin GridBank provides a next generation data management solution delivering OEM partners a highly adaptable, richly featured platform with powerful storage management and optimization capabilities, unique in its scope and capability

Tarmin OverDrive Program for OEM Partners

Partner with Tarmin

The Tarmin OverDrive Program (TOP) is designed to support the building of strategic OEM relationships. The TOP team works closely with OEM partners from around the world to deliver compelling, enterprise class offerings for OEM partner customers and affiliates. Leveraging Tarmin's expertise in the field of unstructured data management, TOP empowers OEMs by offering high value solutions in support of customers' requirements across a range of industries.

Tarmin is proud to offer its innovative solutions to the OEM partner community and delivers the highest levels of support for its valued OEM partners throughout all phases of the relationship.

Key TOP OEM Partner Benefits

  • Leverage Tarmin IPR and Expertise
  • Fast Track New Product Offerings
  • Strategic Involvement
  • Access to Tarmin R&D Labs

Tarmin has enjoyed strong success delivering high value data management capabilities to a growing number of data management and storage systems and solutions OEMs and is ready to help partners gain the maximum advantage and benefit offered by GridBank.


  • The rapid growth of our company, through value enhancing acquisitions and successful exploration, is generating more and more data, much of it in isolated pools. [GridBank] will allow us to organize, store and protect our G&G data and create a platform for improving business efficiency while reducing TCO.

    — David Edwards, Group Head of Information Systems, Premier Oil, Plc.
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