Engineering Partner Success

GridBank delivers a comprehensive private cloud solution tailored for service providers to provide storage optimized cloud powered next generation data management and storage solutions

Tarmin OverDrive Program for Service Providers

Empowering Service Providers

The Tarmin OverDrive Program (TOP) provides significant benefits for service providers. It empowers them to leverage GridBank as an ideal platform to deliver the latest proven high value solutions for both current and future clients, to optimize the management of their fast growing unstructured data and to achieve meaningful cost savings and improved business agility.

Key TOP Service Provider Benefits

  • Early Mover Advantage in Big-Data-as-a-Service and Analytics-as-a-Service
  • Private Label Program
  • Priority Support
  • Co-Marketing Activities
  • Market Development Funds Availability

Big Data Management Opportunity

GridBank offers an unrivalled opportunity for service providers to leverage the power of the cloud to offer clients a comprehensive suite of solutions tailored to their unique data management requirements.

Positioned for Growth

With GridBank and TOP, service providers are positioned for growth. The unprecedented growth in the amount of information being created each and every day needing to be managed and stored has opened a vast new range of opportunity for forward looking service providers to reinforce and grow their practices.

Tarmin has had strong success to date with empowering service providers to deliver high value data management capabilities to a wide spectrum of organizations and in fulfillment of numerous important and exciting use cases.

Tarmin is proud to offer its innovative solutions to the service provider community and ensures high quality support for valued service providers in all aspects of the joint relationship.