Data Defined Storage

Data Defined Storage is the innovative approach that is fueling the modernization of data management through data centricity, focusing on the content value verses typical defining characteristics such as size, location and type of data


Tarmin GridBank Features

Features Overview

The GridBank platform offers a comprehensive suite of features that translate into significant benefits for customers. Through a modular architecture delivering a wide range of functionality, clients are able to realize enhancements in their understanding of business critical information, improved regulatory and data risk control and significantly reduced storage costs. The comprehensive GridBank feature set is outlined below.

GridBank Features

GridBank Features

Enterprise Object Storage

GridBank delivers a massively scalable data centric media independent enterprise object storage, providing distributed Object Dedupe, compression and policy management for storage optimization.

Global Namespace and File System Virtualization

GridBank delivers a centralized repository with multi-site global namespace, eliminating data silos with a single unified view of corporate data, reducing infrastructure complexity.

Information Governance

GridBank offers policy-driven archiving, migration, ingestion, encryption, indexing and tiering of data to ensure proper retention, preservation and disposal of data at optimal performance levels, mitigating business risk.

Replication and Data Mobility

GridBank ensures high availability access across distributed pools, with end-to-end smart client BYOD data protection for enhanced mobility and secure replication delivering disaster prevention.

Search and Discovery

GridBank consolidates disparate datasets, offering unified unstructured metadata search across all storage pools for e-Discovery, data classification and on demand access to information.

Big Analytics Integration

GridBank provides a big data analytics integration for data mining, reporting and dashboarding across all unstructured data sources for improved decision making.