GridBank Cloud Storage

GridBank Cloud Storage delivers hardware-agnostic object-storage for internal and external cloud storage-as-a-service providers, offering high availability data access, cloud synchronization, business agility and workforce mobility


GridBank Cloud Storage Overview

Unlocking the Promise of the Cloud

In recent years, the potential of cloud computing and storage-as-a-service for improved business efficiencies, cost savings and economies of scale have become clear. Early adopters have proven the technologies and there is a concerted growth in businesses committing their core applications to cloud solutions. GridBank Cloud Storage provides a fully consolidated platform for cloud based object storage-as-a-service for internal and external service users. GridBank Cloud Storage infrastructure delivers a comprehensive storage platform offering high availability data access, Tarmin GridSync for local to cloud data synchronization, reduced management and storage overheads and reduced total cost of ownership through storage optimization, all within a private cloud. Additionally, it offers full integration with industry-leading cloud providers, acting as a cloud storage gateway for greater redundancy and further reduced overheads.

Storage-as-a-Service Provisioning

As the volumes of data in organizations continue to grow, there is increasing demand for managed service providers and corporate IT departments alike to deliver improved storage efficiency. Migrating to consolidated storage pools in public or private clouds allows for significantly reduced data management overheads. GridBank Cloud Storage provides a multi-tenant object storage environment, allowing limitless scalability with Object Dedupe, encryption and compression across multi-site storage pools reducing storage volumes by around 50-60%. With a fully featured REST API for data management, an S3-compatible API for cloud provisioning via existing applications, and integrated public cloud gateway supporting leading third-party providers, GridBank Cloud Storage delivers a comprehensive storage optimization platform for cloud storage providers.

High Availability Cloud Replicated Data Access

Storage-as-as-service users require instant on demand access to the right data in the right place at the right time from anywhere in the world. Information is the driver of innovation and service users need assurances of high availability access to data even in the instance of an outage of a data center. GridBank Cloud Storage enables redundant provisioning of shared storage pools across multiple geo-dispersed data centers, providing a consolidated view of a virtualized file system and ensuring high availability access to data assets and repositories through the cloud replication engine provided by the GridBank Cloud Storage platform.

GridSync and Smart Clients

As service users become increasingly mobile and global organizations become the norm, it is necessary to ensure that data is readily available to end-users through any smart device or browser. The need for service users to access, view and share their data wherever they are in the world is a growing challenge in the data storage industry, as is the ability to manage file and data sprawl as international organizations deploy Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) for a globally mobile work force. GridBank Cloud Storage provides GridSync technology for Windows, Linux and Mac PCs and laptops with integrated Active Directory security and authentication to ensure that all users have access to locally synchronized offline copies of data stored in the cloud. Additionally, GridBank Cloud Storage provides interfaces for smart clients including iDevices, Android and WP7 for access to data anytime, anywhere through any client device.