GridBank Enterprise

GridBank Enterprise is Tarmin's flagship product, combining all the features and benefits of the entire GridBank range, a comprehensive platform for unstructured data management for cloud storage, files, objects, Exchange and SharePoint

GridBank Enterprise Overview

Comprehensive Data Management Platform

In the Information Economy, data drives competitive advantage, enhancing innovation and informing decision making. Organizations leveraging their information assets efficiently can flexibly adapt to changes in the business environment. Meanwhile, alongside data value creation opportunities, there are also significant risks involved in commercial and reputational concerns and in non-compliance with regulatory and legal mandates, as well as considerable costs in storing the growing flood of data in a secure and reliably accessible way. GridBank Enterprise, the flagship product from Tarmin, comprising the full set of features of GridBank Cloud Storage, GridBank for Files and Objects, GridBank for Exchange and GridBank for SharePoint, is designed to store data, control risk and understand information. To that end, it delivers a full-featured, comprehensive data management solution for hardware agnostic hybrid cloud-based object storage with high availability replication for disaster recovery, policy-based compliance risk mitigation, big data analytics and high performance on demand information access for understanding and business insights and a significantly reduced total cost of ownership.

GridBank Cloud Storage

GridBank Cloud Storage provides an object storage platform for delivery of storage-as-a-service for internal and external service users. It enables multi-tenancy geo-dispersed storage pools to be consolidated into a single virtualized file system, offering Object Dedupe, cloud replication, encryption and compression for storage optimization, high availability, disaster recovery and reduced total cost of ownership. Additionally, GridBank Cloud Storage provides GridSync for local to cloud synchronization and smart client access from browsers and mobile devices. GridBank Cloud Storage provides a data management platform for provisioning of cloud storage pools through a comprehensive REST API, as well as through an S3-compatible API layer.

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GridBank for Files and Objects

GridBank for Files and Objects addresses the significant growth in the volume, velocity and variety of unstructured data flowing into organizations. Through automated policy-based ingestion, indexing, retention and disposal of files and objects into a consolidated data store, organizations benefit from on demand highly available access to information for innovation and big data analytics, reduced data management overheads and risk.

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GridBank for Exchange

GridBank for Exchange delivers a full featured data management and retention suite for Exchange. With policy-based automated data retention and compliance management tools, journal and inbox archiving and comprehensive e-Discovery tools, organizations benefit from reduced legal and regulatory risk, lower legal e-Discovery costs, enhanced Exchange Server performance and reduced storage costs.

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GridBank for SharePoint

GridBank for SharePoint delivers a data management solution for offloading Binary Large OBjects (BLOBs) from Microsoft SharePoint servers to deliver enhanced performance and reduced software licensing and storage costs. By providing an automated policy-based solution for archiving or migrating data from SharePoint servers, GridBank allows organizations to significantly reduce the storage footprint on SQL Servers of storing BLOBs within a SharePoint database. Through creating stubs of the BLOBs, GridBank offloads storage of the BLOBs into its proprietary object store, while integrating with the SharePoint search indexing, to deliver seamless on demand data discovery.

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