GridBank for Files and Objects

GridBank for Files and Objects provides a comprehensive unstructured data management solution, delivering continuous on demand data access and analytics, information governance and reduced storage costs


GridBank for Files and Objects Overview

Unstructured Data Management

As information becomes increasingly central to business outcomes, the organizations of today are facing ceaseless growth in unstructured data and are struggling to meet the associated information management challenges. The volume of unstructured data generation across the corporate network is growing at ever greater velocity and in ever greater variety and complexity. GridBank for Files and Objects provides a high performance policy-orchestrated object storage platform for management of unstructured data, bringing a high availability networked data ingestion engine with globally distributed throughput, compatible with all industry leading file formats for big data analytics and information understanding.

Centralized Data Repository

As unstructured data proliferates across the network, created throughout the organization through a vast array of applications, left to themselves, end-users tend to store business critical data at the periphery of the corporate environment. With more and more data outside the control of IT policies, stored on desktops, laptops and mobile devices, the risk of data loss or hardware failure is amplified. GridBank for Files and Objects delivers a platform for centralizing archive data management, bringing control of information assets back within the reach of corporate IT policies and enabling big analytics on the collated information for enhanced understanding, business insights and decision making.

Compliance and Litigation Preparedness

Electronically Stored Information (ESI) is now a focal point for governmental oversight and regulatory requirements. As the overheads of managing unstructured data increase, the regulations concerning data retention and disposal become increasingly stringent, specifying legal minimum and maximum retention periods. Additionally, organizations have a legal obligation to identify, discover, collect and preserve all relevant ESI when involved in litigation proceedings. GridBank for Files and Objects delivers a platform for controlling risk by providing legally defensible retention and disposal policy management, powerful search and e-Discovery tools, along with fully granular legal hold to protect and preserve the integrity of legally significant data.

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

As data volumes increase, the cost of storage and management of information assets continues to grow. While organizations can invest in more expensive disk arrays with greater capacities and their associated backup devices, this leads to ever increasing hardware costs, longer backup windows, significant storage management overheads and increased load on primary servers decreasing performance and increasing the risk of outages. GridBank for Files and Objects automates information management with compression and Object Dedupe to reduce data volumes, migrating data to cost effective secondary storage, reducing the load on primary servers and minimizing total cost of ownership.


GridBank for Files and Objects Key Features

Hardware Agnostic Object Storage

  • Full cloud based object storage software stack
  • Compatible with heterogeneous hardware configurations

Distributed Cloud File System

  • Global namespace and file system virtualization delivers single consolidated data view
  • Virtual storage pools compatible with NAS, SAN, DAS and public cloud providers

Massively Scalable

  • Modular, next generation object storage architecture allows elastic scalability
  • Globally distributed file system scales to PBs of storage and billions of objects

Multi-Site, Multi-Tenancy

  • Multi-site cloud replication provides failsafe replica
  • Multi-tenancy logical data separation allows for secure provision of storage-as-a-service

Object Dedupe

  • Deduplication of files to ensure no unnecessary storage replication
  • Object Dedupe across all platforms including Exchange, PST and other GridBank systems

Encryption and Compression

  • Highly secure AES-256 and Blowfish 448-bit standard encryption
  • Powerful compression significantly reducing storage requirements

Policy Based Archival and Data Management

  • Centralized configuration of retention and disposal policies
  • Granular control over legal hold and data integrity

Instant Search and Discovery

  • Comprehensive search and discovery ensures users have timely access to business critical data
  • Faster access to emails reduces e-Discovery and litigation preparedness costs

Data Classification Services

  • Automated migration of data to secondary and tertiary storage tiers
  • Big analytics platform for understanding information


GridBank for Files and Objects Key Benefits

Improved Cost Efficiency

  • Object storage available through commodity hardware
  • Redeploy existing storage investment in future projects

Centralized Data Repository

  • Unstructured data retained within corporate control in a centralized repository
  • On demand high availability business critical information

Reduced Infrastructure Management Costs

  • Scalable architecture reduces performance concerns
  • Simplified software stack ensures lower overheads

Reduced Storage Footprint

  • Compressing and deduplicating rarely accessed data to cost effective tiers cuts storage overheads
  • More efficient data management reduces demand on IT personnel

Reduced Data Sprawl

  • Trawl entire IT network for data stored in inaccessible locations
  • Bring valuable information assets under control of corporate IT in a centralized repository

Optimize High-Growth Servers

  • Policy based migration of emails to secondary storage enhances performance of primary servers
  • Automated management of data growth reduces likelihood of primary server outage

Controlled Regulatory Compliance and Information Governance Risks

  • Simplified management of regulatory requirements through compliance framework
  • Policy based system ensures granular control over files and objects throughout the information lifecycle

Preparedness for e-Discovery

  • Legal discovery overheads significantly reduced through centralized management 
  • Legally defensible retention and disposal policies control business risk

Secure Records from Misuse

  • Tamper-proof data check-summing ensures data integrity
  • Audit trail logs operator actions for complete forensic traceability

Automated Data Management

  • Automated data migration to alternative storage tiers reduces load on primary servers
  • Data classification enables reduced backup window

Policy-Driven Retention of Business Critical Data

  • Automated policy based retention of business critical data and records
  • Data integrity assured through fault-tolerant, self-healing design

Instant Access to Unstructured Data

  • Comprehensive search and discovery across a broad range of files and data types
  • Rapid access to and analytics of data assets empowers employees for understanding information

Technical Specifications

GridBank for Files and Objects Technical Specifications

Recommended Hardware Requirements

The recommended hardware requirements for a GridBank for Files and Objects node are:

  • 2 x Quad core processors, minimum 2GHz
  • 24 GB of RAM
  • 2 x 1TB hard disks or DAS, NAS, SAN storage connectivity, dependent on requirements
  • DVD-ROM drive
  • 3 x 1Gb network cards
  • Internet connection for Call Home feature

Minimum Hardware Requirements

The minimum hardware requirements for a GridBank for Files and Objects node are:

  • Dual Quad Core processor
  • 16GB of RAM
  • 2 x 500GB hard disk
  • DVD-ROM drive
  • 2 x 1Gb network cards
  • Internet connection for Call Home feature

Software Requirements for GridBank for Files and Objects Node

The minimum software requirements for a GridBank for Files and Objects node are:

  • Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 Server Standard/Enterprise Edition


  • The rapid growth of our company, through value enhancing acquisitions and successful exploration, is generating more and more data, much of it in isolated pools. [GridBank] will allow us to organize, store and protect our G&G data and create a platform for improving business efficiency while reducing TCO.

    — David Edwards, Group Head of Information Systems, Premier Oil, Plc.
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