GridBank for SharePoint

GridBank for SharePoint provides a core platform for SharePoint content optimization through highly scalable storage tiering, reducing application server performance bottlenecks, system outages and data management costs


GridBank for SharePoint Overview

Comprehensive SharePoint Optimization

Microsoft SharePoint has been adopted across a wide range of organizations and has become the definitive market-leader in Enterprise Content Management. With 125 million licenses sold and 65000 customers, SharePoint has been deployed throughout the corporate world for improved collaboration, process efficiency and user productivity. However, as the volumes of data stored within the SQL Server database grow, organizations face increasing performance and stability issues with their SharePoint infrastructure, along with increasing costs in acquisition and management of primary storage. GridBank for SharePoint addresses these concerns with a comprehensive solution to SharePoint content management, retention and optimization.

Enhance SharePoint Performance

As organizations become more dependent on SharePoint as their repository for business critical data, storage of Binary Large Objects (BLOBs) leads to server performance degradation. The inherent deficiencies of SQL lead to storage inefficiencies, delays in access to data assets and escalating costs as additional SQL Servers are requisitioned to mitigate these concerns. The costly 'scale 'till it fails' risks decreased business performance due to server outages and potential corruption of business critical data. GridBank for SharePoint offers the option to archive older content through simplified BLOB externalization, shrinking database and storage requirements by up to 90%, dramatically improving primary server performance while maintaining seamless end-user access and controlling commercial risks.

SharePoint Agent Repository

In the instance where organizations wish to retain their BLOBs in the SQL Server database, GridBank for SharePoint provides a SharePoint Agent BLOB storage API. This agent allows the SQL Server to operate as a repository for GridBank for SharePoint, stubbing the data BLOBs within GridBank and leaving the storage of SharePoint metadata with SQL Server. The SharePoint search is then assisted by a federated web-search web-part redirecting the SharePoint search to search both the SharePoint and GridBank repositories for data.

Continuous On Demand Access to Data Assets

Information is the innovation driver of an organization and employees require high availability access to content and data to ensure they can perform optimally. As data volumes increase and SharePoint server performance deteriorates, employees begin to experience unacceptable delays in search and access of business critical information. Through full-text indexing and efficient unified search, GridBank for SharePoint brings database content together with various information sources, including file systems and Microsoft Exchange databases, into a single virtualized repository, continuously available to end users through globally distributed disaster recovery replication, allowing high performance on demand data access.

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

Organizational competitive advantage grows from information, yet the total cost of ownership (TCO) of managing the underlying data is continuously growing. Increasing volumes of content imply increasing primary storage capacity required for compliance with data retention regulations. Primary storage media is extremely costly compared to secondary or tertiary storage, as are the IT overheads in managing primary storage solutions. GridBank for SharePoint automates information management, seamlessly migrating rarely accessed data to lower tiered storage, leading to predictable cost control and lower TCO. Additionally, the hybrid cloud architecture of GridBank allows highly secure outsourcing of data management overheads to cloud providers whose economies of scale enable further operational and capital cost reductions.