Tarmin Consultancy Services

Tarmin big unstructured data management and analytics consultancy services are delivered by storage industry professionals with decades of experience in adding value throughout the client engagement

Tarmin Consultancy Services

Unstructured Data Management Expertise

Tarmin is focused on helping customers keep pace with the quickly changing data landscape and gaining maximum value from their GridBank investment.

Blending technical excellence with business focused outcomes, Tarmin personnel have extensive knowledge across disciplines and are uniquely qualified to leverage current IT infrastructure investments with GridBank. In conjunction with their network of expert partners, Tarmin can enable leading edge unstructured data management across a broad swath of industries and with a majority of business applications.

Tarmin consultancy can help organizations to benefit from the convergence of big data, virtualization and cloud powered distributed storage to drive new understanding and advantage from their fast growing unstructured data repositories.

Tarmin provides the storage expertise to deliver the solutions to critical business objectives.

Committed to Customer Success

Working with Tarmin ensures that customers realize the most long term value from GridBank. Every day customers provide valuable feedback that helps make GridBank an even more comprehensive value adding product.

Policy Design and Configuration

One of the most exciting aspects of GridBank is the powerful policy scheduling capabilities which automate many aspects of unstructured data management and help dramatically improve efficiency, security and control. Tarmin consultants are expert in harnessing the power of the policy scheduler to quickly and effectively design a custom designed set of data management policies.

Disaster Recovery Planning and Architecture

Upgrade from traditional backup solutions and questionable disaster recovery plans for the assurance of GridBank. GridBank provides a comprehensive solution that includes numerous value adding capabilities and features. Tarmin Consultants can help plan the decommissioning of current solutions and switch to GridBank to centrally administer data for better lifecycle protection.

Information Security and Protection

With proven expertise in security, Tarmin consultants are experts in security with distinguished contributions in the fields of cryptography, authentication and compliance engineering. Underpinning GridBank is Tarmin’s secure military specification encryption infrastructure that makes GridBank perhaps the world’s most secure storage platform, ideal for storage of high value and confidential information. Tarmin consultants can help optimize the unique security capabilities of GridBank to ensure long term security of GridBank managed data.


  • The rapid growth of our company, through value enhancing acquisitions and successful exploration, is generating more and more data, much of it in isolated pools. [GridBank] will allow us to organize, store and protect our G&G data and create a platform for improving business efficiency while reducing TCO.

    — David Edwards, Group Head of Information Systems, Premier Oil, Plc.
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