Tarmin Training Services

Tarmin strives to ensure that all customers realize the full value of their GridBank data management solution, accelerating knowledge transfer within training services to enable understanding

Tarmin Training Services

Driving the Efficient Transfer of Knowledge

Tarmin is keenly aware that training and educational resources play an important role in helping customers derive maximum value from an investment in GridBank. Online, at a touring training center or at a partner or customer on-site location, Tarmin training services deliver practical hands-on learning that empowers staff and helps speed user adoption. Tarmin professional trainers can ensure staff quickly become familiarized with using and administering GridBank and provide a simplified rollout process.

Designed to quickly impart value and knowledge, all Tarmin training services provide a springboard to harnessing the power and versatility of GridBank.

Faced with unprecedented data growth, organizations must adopt forward thinking strategies for meeting the challenges and opportunities of the data driven world to remain relevant and competitive in the future. Deeply knowledgeable across a range of storage technologies, Tarmin consultants are subject matter experts focused on achieving successful outcomes for customers.

Value-Added Training

Training is an efficient way to rapidly provide staff with the skills to successfully administer advanced GridBank deployments. Tarmin employs industry proven training techniques that help facilitate rapid knowledge transfer and information retention.

Data Management Expertise

Tarmin trainers are expert in advanced storage management technologies, including big data and analytics, storage virtualization, cloud storage and more and can help staff quickly come up to speed with understanding how these and other disruptive technologies can yield positive impact on their businesses.

Excellence in Training Delivery

Tarmin trainers are professionally certified subject matter experts with an average of 15 years experience providing high quality IT training services.

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Sales Inquiries

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Partner Inquiries

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