Optimizing Storage Efficiency

Tarmin delivers storage optimization through Object Dedupe, compression and automated policy based data tiering, simplifying management of data, optimizing performance and reducing storage overheads

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Controlling Organizational Risk

Tarmin empowers organizations to take stewardship of their data assets with a comprehensive framework for retaining and disposing, protecting, securing, replicating and verifying information to control risks

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Solutions for Managed Service Providers

GridBank Cloud Storage offers a comprehensive solution for managed service providers to deliver storage-as-a-service private cloud to clients, reducing cost, enhancing agility and accelerating business transformation

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Tarmin GridBank Solutions: Creating Opportunity

Tarmin GridBank solutions enable organizations to harness the power of a comprehensive information management platform to address critical business challenges and capitalize on emergent opportunities. Tarmin solutions are proven, enterprise class offerings purpose built to maximize the value of critical data.

  • Tarmin Business Solutions

    Key Benefits
    • Storing Data
    • Controlling Risk
    • Understanding Information

    Tarmin GridBank business solutions solve the critical data storage and data management challenges that modern organizations face. GridBank solutions powerfully reduce data storage costs, control risk around critical data and help drive long term sustainable competitive advantage through intelligent data management and understanding information.

  • Tarmin Industry Solutions

    Key Benefits
    • Sector Specific Solutions
    • Industry Compliance Templates
    • Tailored Feature Set
    • Modular Architecture

    Tarmin GridBank industry solutions provide a comprehensive data and information management platform specifically tailored for the needs of key sectors facing data volume growth. Whether the increasingly stringent regulatory environment of the financial industry, the multi-tenancy and failsafe availability of Managed Service Providers, the high security and protection focus of the oil and gas industry or the enhanced patient outcomes of the healthcare sector, Tarmin has a solution designed to address these needs.