GridBank for Archiving

GridBank for Archiving provides a comprehensive archiving solution, empowering high availability access to data assets, compliance with retention regulations and reduced storage management costs


GridBank for Archiving Overview

Creating Next Generation Archiving

As data volumes grow, server performance and stability is put at risk, while regulatory retention and disposal mandates become ever more stringent. Tarmin GridBank balances the pressure to retain only the most frequently accessed and performance-sensitive data on primary storage to reduce costs with the need to ensure continuous, reliable access to business critical information.

Controlling Information Assets

Access to data assets, information governance, security and protection are all critically important in today’s Information Economy. With ceaselessly growing volumes of data, generated at an ever increasing velocity in a broadening variety of types, it is essential to find ways to ensure consistent access while reducing the cost of storage. Meanwhile, regulatory frameworks mandate different retention and disposal terms depending on data types and sources, impacting on the available options for offline backups and long term data storage.

Automated Data Management

The Tarmin GridBank archiving platform provides automated data classification services and tiered storage, ensuring that only the most frequently accessed data is retained on costly primary storage, while other data is offset to inexpensive secondary and tertiary tiers. Additionally, GridBank provides policy based data management to ensure compliance with regulatory retention requirements. Through these tools, data is retained in a continuously accessible, searchable active archive, with automated policy based information governance.