GridBank for Backup Optimization

GridBank for Backup Optimization acts as target for existing backup infrastructure to reduce redundant copies through Object Dedupe and failsafe replication, ensure high availability access of archived data and deliver optimized backup windows


GridBank for Backup Optimization Overview

Creating Composure

As big data volumes grow at higher velocities in different varieties, organizations have increasing difficulties managing their backup infrastructure. Backups are generating multiple versions of the same data, driving up the cost of media. Backup windows are expanding and extending, leading to challenges in backing up the full volumes of changing data. Tape media is slow when finding and restoring. Additionally, tape media and devices are expensive and can be susceptible to damage. The GridBank Data Management Platform delivers a solution for backup optimization.

Integrated Backup Solution

The GridBank platform offers a solution to complement existing backup infrastructure by acting as a backup storage target. Organizations are able to continue using their backbone backup software targeting a GridBank storage pool over CIFS, NFS, FTP or via a REST API. This delivers several benefits over standard backup methodologies including Object Dedupe, archiving, database device files and shorter backup windows.