GridBank for Backup Optimization

GridBank for Backup Optimization acts as target for existing backup infrastructure to reduce redundant copies through Object Dedupe and failsafe replication, ensure high availability access of archived data and deliver optimized backup windows


GridBank for Backup Optimization Overview

Creating Composure

As big data volumes grow at higher velocities in different varieties, organizations have increasing difficulties managing their backup infrastructure. Backups are generating multiple versions of the same data, driving up the cost of media. Backup windows are expanding and extending, leading to challenges in backing up the full volumes of changing data. Tape media is slow when finding and restoring. Additionally, tape media and devices are expensive and can be susceptible to damage. The GridBank Data Management Platform delivers a solution for backup optimization.

Integrated Backup Solution

The GridBank platform offers a solution to complement existing backup infrastructure by acting as a backup storage target. Organizations are able to continue using their backbone backup software targeting a GridBank storage pool over CIFS, NFS, FTP or via a REST API. This delivers several benefits over standard backup methodologies including Object Dedupe, archiving, database device files and shorter backup windows.

Business Challenges

Business Challenges for Backup Optimization

Redundant Copies of Backed Up Data

Existing backup solutions create numerous replicas of backed up data. When ensuring recovery point objectives (RPOs) and recovery time objectives (RTOs) can be met, weekly and monthly full backups are often supplemented by differential daily backups. These full backups are often stored for many months, leading to numerous redundant copies of the same data. This leads to increased media cost, physical media storage and management overheads.

Discovery and Restore of Data from Tape Media

In the instance of a requirement to restore lost or modified data, tape backups can be slow to search and restore data. Due to the difficulties involved in searching tape data and the delays in seeking the tape during the retrieval process, it can often take a significant length of time to restore the data. When this is combined with the often manual process of restoring involving backup administrators and up to a full week's SLA for tape restores, there can be unacceptable delays in accessing data, impacting business performance.

Extended Backup Windows

As backup volumes increase, it is becoming increasingly harder to fit full differential backups into the time windows available. This leads to continuous backup processes and the potential risk of missing RPOs and/or RTOs. As data velocities and volumes increase, this issue is destined to become a greater challenge.

Tape Backup Infrastructure

Tape infrastructure has been used successfully for backups for many years and it offers high capacity media for long term storage. However, tapes are also often susceptible to storage conditions and physical damage which can lead to degradation of the media over time, particularly in environments where it is necessary to ship tapes to offsite locations on a daily basis. Additionally, with tapes there is the risk that critical business data archived to tapes may become inaccessible as tape devices become obsolete and in the event of hardware failure. Organizations which more effectively manage their tape backups will benefit from reduced total cost of ownership.

Tarmin’s GridBank Data Management Platform offers a solution for backup optimization to address these business challenges.

Tarmin Solutions

Tarmin Solutions for Backup Optimization

Backup Optimization through Object Dedupe

Organizations relying on traditional backup strategies create significant numbers of copies of the same data, greatly extending their storage media requirements. This leads to increased cost and management overhead. Tarmin GridBank platform complements existing backup technologies by acting as a backup target and applying Object Dedupe to backup volumes. This ensures that any replica backups are automatically deduplicated limiting the growth of redundant copies.

Active Archiving for High Availability Access

Where traditional backup strategies often involve long delays in restoring data from tape media, the GridBank platform delivers continuous on demand access to archived data. As the data is ingested into the system, it is processed through a full text index and processed into the Metabase metadata store and added to the federated search server. This ensures that even archived data is available for search and can be immediately accessed by the user requiring the information. Additionally, with a single failsafe copy available in a geo-dispersed data center, information is highly available, even in the event of the outage of one of the data centers.

Optimized Backup Windows

As data volumes continue to grow at ever greater velocities, it is becoming increasingly difficult to complete differential backups within the required allotted window. The GridBank platform allows archival of older data, ensuring that backups can be completed on the unchanging archive just once, migrating data from the primary storage, reducing the need for long backup windows by reducing the primary application storage footprint.

Long Term Tape Storage

While using tape alone for backup can imply potential risks, it also offers benefits when used in conjunction with other backup and storage technologies. These include longevity and low cost of the media. GridBank provides compatibility with LTFS and LTO5 tape storage systems and provides a platform for backup optimization by targeting a tape pool.


Tarmin Differentiators for Backup Optimization

Single Integrated Unstructured Data Management Platform

The Tarmin GridBank platform for unstructured data management is formed on the latest in enterprise-ready technologies as a single code base, offering hardware agnostic object storage, file system virtualization, archiving, replication, search and backups. Due to its broad functionality, GridBank offers a comprehensive solution to meet the needs of a wide variety of data management professionals, greatly reducing cost and complexity.

Compatible with the Latest Standards

GridBank is a standards driven product, compatible with a wide range of communications protocols. GridBank is available as a backup target through CIFS, NFS, FTP and REST API. Additionally, GridBank is kept up-to-date with the latest technology developments in the storage market, and is able to use LTFS/LTO5 as a storage pool for a backup target. In this way, GridBank ensures that all data is available through any device and clients can avoid costly vendor lock-in.

Cloud Storage Backup Optimization Solution

As businesses move ever more of their critical infrastructure into the cloud, organizations are aiming to benefit from the economies of scale offered by cloud storage providers for their backup architecture. The GridBank Cloud Storage platform offers clients access to leading third party cloud providers through a cloud gateway. Additionally, it allows companies to form their own private clouds and operate their backup storage-as-a-service through REST API calls, allowing for internal service provisioning. Finally, clients can use hybrid combinations of public and private clouds to gain the greatest benefits from the cloud.


  • The rapid growth of our company, through value enhancing acquisitions and successful exploration, is generating more and more data, much of it in isolated pools. [GridBank] will allow us to organize, store and protect our G&G data and create a platform for improving business efficiency while reducing TCO.

    — David Edwards, Group Head of Information Systems, Premier Oil, Plc.
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