GridBank for Business Continuity

GridBank for Business Continuity ensures the highest levels of information availability through remote data replication, automated failover and integrated data integrity check summing and verification


GridBank for Business Continuity Overview

Creating Reliability

With data the lifeblood of business, a sound and scalable business continuity plan is crucial. Tarmin GridBank solutions for Business Continuity power data resiliency and availability to help enable comprehensive enterprise-wide risk control and mitigation.

Data and information play a critical role in competitive advantage in the Information Economy. No matter how stable or reliable the hardware, there is always the risk of failure of physical systems. In the event of physical failure, without adequate network design, businesses may experience inaccessible data, information and network resources leading to significant impacts on business performance. Additionally, damage to physical media can lead to corruption or destruction of critical data.

Highly Available by Default

To meet business requirements for continuous information access and data integrity, it is necessary to implement plans for high availability access, ensuring uptimes through delivery of fully scalable remote data replication systems. Tarmin GridBank offers automated hot failover and transparent access to data in the event of an outage, providing resilient business continuity functionality through its grid computing approach. It was architected from the ground-up on the latest in proven, enterprise software to embed fault-tolerant redundancy and self-healing check summing to deliver a resilient storage platform, whether on internal systems, in the cloud or replicated between the two.