GridBank for Home Directories

GridBank for Home Directories provides a comprehensive solution for managing data sprawl across the organizational network, ensuring that all information assets are centralized within a single corporate repository in the cloud


GridBank for Home Directories Overview

Creating Simplicity

As communications infrastructures and technologies have enhanced the flow of information through the world, organizations are becoming increasingly multinational. Globalization is driving significant change in business processes and models, as well as changing how and where data is stored. While this offers opportunities for flexibility and mobility, it also creates challenges. With business operations growing and dispersing in scope and scale, storage and communications infrastructures have become more complex and more interdependent. The Tarmin GridBank Data Management Platform has been designed with business agility and flexibility in mind, providing transformational benefits in simplifying the storage and data management infrastructure, delivering storage optimization, risk control and understanding of information.

GridBank Storage in the Cloud

The growth in storage and infrastructure complexity, alongside rapid growth of data has presaged dramatic growth of information silos, monolithic, poorly connected repositories of data and information. Information silos are more difficult to manage, secure and scale than consolidated virtualized storage pools. Meanwhile, as users become more mobile, connecting with a vast array of smart clients and through numerous devices, data sprawl increases. In order to limit the impact of information silos and highly mobile users, GridBank provides GridSync, a local to cloud synchronization agent for managing data sprawl, virtual desktop infrastructure and home directories to ensure that the right information is available in the right place at the right time. GridSync relies on the GridBank Data Management Platform which delivers hybrid cloud based object storage, global namespace and file system virtualization, alongside replication, archiving, federated search and big analytics, GridBank stores, controls and understands data.

Business Challenges

Business Challenges for Home Directories

Business Agility and Mobility

As business becomes ever more international and more agile, data sprawl is increasing, moving from centralized corporate control to the fringes of the network, driven by increasing mobility in the workforce. As end-users connect to corporate data repositories using a vast array of smart clients and browsers from ever more remote locations, and organizations increasingly provide opportunities to work from home or Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), they face growing challenges to retain control of business critical information. Organizations need to ensure that they benefit from the flexibility and agility offered by new ways of working while keeping data under control.

Global Data Security

As organizations become ever more global and their workforce ever more mobile, increasingly migrating their infrastructures to the cloud, they face growing challenges when addressing security and data protection requirements. End-users need high availability access to their business critical data on demand, wherever in the world they are, which means access through mobile devices, browsers and internet connectivity. Organizations must ensure that, as potentially insecure smart devices connect to the infrastructure, security is at the heart of the solution.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Home Directory Challenges

Organizations are increasingly moving to virtual desktop infrastructures to benefit from advances in virtualization technologies and gain improvements in utilization of resources and geographic mobility. However, this leads to challenges in ensuring that end-users are able to access their data where they log in from remote and mobile clients. Organizations are struggling to identify approaches that ensure data is captured in a centralized fashion.

Tarmin GridBank for Home Directories offers an integrated solution for organizations to address these challenges.

Tarmin Solutions

Tarmin Solutions for Home Directories

Consolidating Data under Corporate Control

The Tarmin GridBank platform provides a toolkit for capturing and consolidating home directory data within a centralized repository wherever in the world it is created and on whichever device. Through the GridBank GridSync local to cloud synchronization agent, available on an array of smart devices, browsers and end-points, organizations can ensure that how ever remote or mobile their workforce, their unstructured data is captured. GridBank GridSync ingests home directory data into a single consolidated repository for the secure and scalable management of data and business information, lowering costs, eliminating information silos and eliminating home directory sprawl.

Data Security and Protection

The GridBank Data Management Platform is architected with security at its core and built from the ground up on the latest in enterprise-ready technologies. It provides military-grade encryption, logical data separation between storage pools, integrated authentication and comprehensive auditing ensuring that data stored within centralized repositories is secure and protected. To protect mobile end-points, GridBank GridSync provides integrated Active Directory authentication for authentication and supports policy based offline caching volumes driven by end-point trust levels to ensure that only appropriate amounts of cloud data are stored on the devices.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Solutions

As organizations migrate to virtual desktop infrastructure they face challenges in capturing, controlling and delivering required data and home directories to their workforce. By migrating home directory storage to the cloud, organizations are able to ensure the appropriate unstructured data is captured and retained in a secure location, while also ensuring that it is instantly available to the workforce through the GridBank GridSync client. This significantly reduces the overheads of managing data sprawl driven by virtual desktop infrastructure implementations.


Tarmin Differentiators for Home Directories

Comprehensive Platform for Management of Home Directory Data

The GridBank platform has been built from the ground up on the latest in enterprise-ready technologies to deliver an all-in-one solution to data management. It provides a comprehensive platform for addressing the increasing data sprawl across corporate networks. It is designed to meet the core requirements of the Three Pillars of GridBank, storing data, controlling risk and understanding information.

GridBank GridSync Synchronization Agent

The GridBank GridSync agent ensures that home directories are under the control of the corporate infrastructure, while the mobile workforce can access their business critical data from any remote location and on any smart device. It delivers a secure agent with Active Directory integrated authentication for sharing and collaborating on unstructured data. GridBank GridSync simultaneously protects the home directory data in the corporate data center, benefiting from compliance, legal and commercial risk control.

Tailored Virtual Desktop Solutions

GridBank is designed to meet the growing needs of organizations implementing virtual desktop infrastructure. It is architected with flexibility in mind and can support an array of storage requirements. It delivers tailored solutions offering centralized control of unstructured data with the GridBank GridSync synchronization client providing secure on demand access from cloud storage repositories ensuring data availability from any remote access point.


  • The rapid growth of our company, through value enhancing acquisitions and successful exploration, is generating more and more data, much of it in isolated pools. [GridBank] will allow us to organize, store and protect our G&G data and create a platform for improving business efficiency while reducing TCO.

    — David Edwards, Group Head of Information Systems, Premier Oil, Plc.
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