GridBank for Information Governance

GridBank controls, mitigates and manages regulatory compliance and legal, commercial and reputational risks through a policy based information governance framework designed for retention, disposal and protection of data assets


GridBank for Information Governance Overview

Creating Advantage

In today's world of high value data assets driving innovation, information governance has become a core concern. Organizations face regulatory compliance mandates including data retention and disposal mandates, as well as information security policies for commercial, legal and regulatory reasons. Additionally, with data such a valuable asset, it is necessary to ensure it is protected from corruption, unauthorized access and maintain its integrity against hardware failure or tampering. Tarmin GridBank provides a platform to protect, preserve and dispose of data, creating competitive advantage from data management, information understanding and mitigating risk.

GridBank Compliance Toolkit

The GridBank information governance framework is built on a comprehensive policy based architecture which enables compliance and security risk control from a centralized management console. The GridBank information governance framework was designed to meet the needs of the second of the Three Pillars of GridBank, storing data, controlling risk and understanding information. Through centralized protection and retention of data, GridBank delivers control of regulatory, legal and commercial risk.