GridBank for Information Governance

GridBank controls, mitigates and manages regulatory compliance and legal, commercial and reputational risks through a policy based information governance framework designed for retention, disposal and protection of data assets


GridBank for Information Governance Overview

Creating Advantage

In today's world of high value data assets driving innovation, information governance has become a core concern. Organizations face regulatory compliance mandates including data retention and disposal mandates, as well as information security policies for commercial, legal and regulatory reasons. Additionally, with data such a valuable asset, it is necessary to ensure it is protected from corruption, unauthorized access and maintain its integrity against hardware failure or tampering. Tarmin GridBank provides a platform to protect, preserve and dispose of data, creating competitive advantage from data management, information understanding and mitigating risk.

GridBank Compliance Toolkit

The GridBank information governance framework is built on a comprehensive policy based architecture which enables compliance and security risk control from a centralized management console. The GridBank information governance framework was designed to meet the needs of the second of the Three Pillars of GridBank, storing data, controlling risk and understanding information. Through centralized protection and retention of data, GridBank delivers control of regulatory, legal and commercial risk.

Business Challenges

Business Challenges for Information Governance

Compliance and Regulatory Mandates

The modern era of business, characterized in part by increased IT complexity, the promise of globalization and the challenges of the cloud have all contributed to an increasingly complex and demanding regulatory environment. To thrive in the current dynamic environment, an up-to-date awareness of the moving landscape and a firm yet flexible approach to managing data is necessary. With differing industry and geography specific regulations applicable even within the same organization mandating disposal periods, as well as retention periods, from 2 years to permanent preservation, it is increasingly difficult for organizations to adequately maintain their data management policies.

Litigation and E-Discovery Challenges

Furthermore, in the face of litigation proceedings, firms have a legal obligation to identify, discover, collect, preserve and present all relevant electronically stored information, in a process known as e-Discovery. This can be an extremely costly process, as organizations are forced to search through computer image files, scattered .PST files or email databases. Where organizations fail to identify, discover and present data in a timely fashion, they can be subject to several penalties. Worse still, inaccurate or poorly implemented legal hold to preserve data relevant to legal proceedings can lead to high legal costs or even, in extreme cases of loss, tampering or unauthorized modification of data, criminal charges.

Data Protection, Security and Integrity

In this Information Economy driven by innovation, data assets represent core value stores for organizations. It is necessary to protect them from loss, tampering, unauthorized access and modification, corruption or hardware failure. Organizations need to identify methods to ensure logical separation of data repositories, encryption, authentication and ways of protecting data integrity throughout long retention periods.

The Tarmin GridBank Data Management Platform offers a unified information governance framework to address all these business challenges.

Tarmin Solutions

Tarmin Solutions for Information Governance

GridBank Information Governance Framework

Tarmin GridBank provides a full featured information governance framework built to meet the needs of the second of the Three Pillars of GridBank, controlling risk. It offers an automated policy based retention and disposal tool providing a compliance toolkit for meeting the requirements of commercial and regulatory requirements. Compatible with industry specific regulations, including SOX, SEC 17-a3, 17-a4, FSA retention policies, CPR, HIPPA, FoIA, Public Records Act, ICH, GxP, pharmacovigilance, DPA and others, GridBank delivers simplicity controlling complex compliance regulatory risk.

E-Discovery and Legal Preparedness

When organizations face litigation proceedings, they are legally obliged to initiate often highly costly e-Discovery processes. GridBank provides a centralized repository of all unstructured data, consolidating storage pools, file systems, emails and .PST files into a single view through file system virtualization for accelerating e-Discovery. This allows administrators or authorized legal teams to search on demand through all organizational unstructured data via the GridBank Discovery Manager, significantly reducing e-Discovery timeframes. Additionally, through granular legal hold, tamper-proof storage and comprehensive auditing, GridBank provides legally defensible retention and disposal policies, reducing and controlling legal risk.

Integrated Data Protection and Security

With digital assets a core competitive advantage for many industries and protected by regulation for many more, organizations of all sizes have a mandate to protect their data. GridBank is secure to its core, offering logical separation of datasets, military grade encryption, authentication and tamper-proof storage, GridBank ensures that data assets are protected from unauthorized access or modification. Additionally, through failsafe replication between geo-dispersed data centers and digital check summing, data integrity is protected from media corruption or hardware failure.

Taken together, GridBank delivers a comprehensive suite of information governance tools for organizations operating in the Information Economy.


Tarmin Differentiators for Information Governance

GridBank All-In-One Data Management Solution

The GridBank Data Management Platform is designed from the ground up on the latest in enterprise-ready technologies to meet the complex data management requirements of modern organizations. It provides an information governance framework for meeting the second of the Three Pillars of GridBank, controlling risk. This simplifies the process for organizations to meet the complex data retention and disposal regulatory requirements. Alongside this, it also provides hardware agnostic object storage, global namespace file system virtualization, archiving, replication and search, discovery and understanding of information. Together, GridBank delivers a comprehensive platform for data management.

Accelerated E-Discovery

The GridBank solution provides the GridBank Discovery Manager to empower authorized administrators and legal teams to perform rapid e-Discovery. By consolidating storage repositories, GridBank enables accelerated searching through all unstructured data within the organization, including emails, files and SharePoint repositories. Additionally, through an extensible API, GridBank can also perform federated searches across structured database stores, as well.

Security Leadership

In order to protect data, it is necessary to ensure that security is implemented correctly. Tarmin has been a trusted provider of high assurance solutions throughout its existence, and the GridBank platform delivers military-grade security systems. This ensures that data protected using the GridBank Data Management Platform will be subject to the most secure systems commercially available.


  • The rapid growth of our company, through value enhancing acquisitions and successful exploration, is generating more and more data, much of it in isolated pools. [GridBank] will allow us to organize, store and protect our G&G data and create a platform for improving business efficiency while reducing TCO.

    — David Edwards, Group Head of Information Systems, Premier Oil, Plc.
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