GridBank for Storage Optimization

GridBank for Storage Optimization maximizes storage efficiency through Object Dedupe, compression and data tiering to ensure information assets are retained at the storage tier for optimal performance with the lowest total cost of ownership


GridBank for Storage Optimization

Creating Efficiency

With data proliferation fast outpacing budget growth, IT departments are under increasing pressure to do more with less. Today, organizations are turning to Tarmin for innovative solutions that leverage current IT infrastructure, maximize the efficiency of IT staff and position them ahead of the competition.

Cost of Managing Data Assets

Continual and explosive data and information growth is directly impacting on the cost of managing data assets. As the quantities of data for storage increases, so do the requirements in terms of hardware, maintenance and management, dramatically increasing costs. Managing, protecting and securing the data volumes increasingly occupies the time of IT staff, while employees and end-users struggle to find the appropriate information to operate efficiently. Tarmin’s GridBank platform simultaneously controls data volume growth and sprawl, enhances overloaded application server performance, and reduces search and data discovery times for end-users, significantly improving storage cost efficiency.

Business Challenges

Business Challenges for Storage

Growing Data Costs

As data and information become ever more central to competitive advantage, efficient operation and effective decision making, and as information creation moves away from individual line-of-business applications to monitoring and sensor generated data, data proliferation is becoming ever faster. The volume, velocity and variety of data sources and types is a key challenge for organizations operating in the 2010s, particularly in the face of reducing budgets and corporate mandates to achieve more with less. They face the ongoing problem of how to control this data growth, while ensuring that the right information is available to the right people at the right time.

IT-Related Storage Costs

As data volumes grow, there are significant costs to the IT department in managing the growth and sprawl of the data. The greater the data volume, velocity and variety, the greater these costs will become, and all forecasts point to continued and accelerating increases. The core IT-related costs are displayed below:

  • Performance and stability reduction of overloaded servers
  • Storage hardware required to retain the data
  • IT overhead of maintaining the hardware
  • Cost of managing data sprawl as information is stored away from central servers

End-User Storage Costs

Businesses experience costs related to end-user inefficiencies as storage requirements grow. There are implications in terms of searching for the appropriate data, as well as periods of lost productivity due to performance and stability issues on primary servers. Central employee and end-user costs are listed below:

  • Efficiency costs of system and server outages
  • Employee and end-user cost of searching for the appropriate information
  • Lost business efficiency due to delays in data access

Regulatory and Legal Storage Costs

While data volumes are continually growing, regulatory requirements for retention, disposal and protection of data are also becoming more stringent. Managing and complying with these legal mandates is becoming increasingly costly. Additionally, companies facing litigation proceedings are legally required to discover and present all related electronic documentation related to given cases. This leads to costly e-Discovery processes involving searching through data, potentially stored in a variety of locations across the network. These costs are summarized below:

  • Managing the data retention and disposal process
  • Ensuring access logs and authentication systems provide compliant security levels
  • Cost of search and e-Discovery of vital information

The Tarmin GridBank Data Management Platform provides a simple and cost-effective solution to storing data, controlling risk and understanding information.

Tarmin Solutions

Tarmin Solutions for Storage Optimization

Total Cost Reduction

Tarmin takes an innovative approach to lowering the total cost of ownership of data storage. Rather than address data storage challenges in separate point solution applications, the GridBank platform simultaneously reduces the out-of-control growth in data volumes and sprawl, stabilizes and enhances server performance, reduces the overhead of data management and information discovery and delivers a comprehensive information governance framework, which in combination significantly reduce cost of data ownership.

Automated Data Management

Using a powerful network ingestion engine, combined with file type recognition and indexing, data is retrieved and consolidated into a centralized data repository simply managed within the control of corporate IT. As the data is ingested, global Object Dedupe and compression significantly reduce data volumes and the hardware and maintenance costs of information management.

Data Classification

Through this automated process, infrequently accessed data is offloaded to significantly less costly secondary and tertiary data volumes, maintaining performance and uptimes on application servers, while ensuring that secondary data is still available to search and discovery. The repository exposes data through industry standard interfaces and powerful search engine technologies so that end-users and employees retain constant access to business critical data.

Information Governance

Meanwhile, through a policy based framework, the overhead of ensuring data retention and disposal compliance is also significantly reduced. During the ingestion process and throughout the information lifecycle, retention and disposal policies are run to categorize and prioritize the information for business and compliance purposes.

Together these Tarmin GridBank functionalities combine to provide an entirely new approach to managing data, with a significant reduction in total cost of ownership.


Tarmin Differentiators for Storage Optimization

Next Generation Architecture

The Tarmin GridBank solution is built from the ground up on the very latest in enterprise-ready technologies to respond to the limitations of the architectures of previous solutions. Through delivery of a combined platform for data management, information governance and grid computing, GridBank successfully reduces the total cost of ownership of data.

Hardware Agnostic

GridBank is hardware agnostic, ensuring that there is no vendor lock-in to expensive hardware platforms. Additionally, the GridBank hybrid cloud platform is designed to integrate with all the major cloud storage providers, in order to allow for significantly reduced capital expenditure on hardware and operational expenditure through outsourcing day-to-day management of storage.

Software Platform or Hardware Appliances

Finally, Tarmin offers a range of physical and virtual appliances offering significant cost savings on optimized storage platforms. These appliances combine the highest quality software technologies that GridBank offers combined with hardware platforms specifically designed to meet the demands of the storage industry.


  • The rapid growth of our company, through value enhancing acquisitions and successful exploration, is generating more and more data, much of it in isolated pools. [GridBank] will allow us to organize, store and protect our G&G data and create a platform for improving business efficiency while reducing TCO.

    — David Edwards, Group Head of Information Systems, Premier Oil, Plc.
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