GridBank for Storage Optimization

GridBank for Storage Optimization maximizes storage efficiency through Object Dedupe, compression and data tiering to ensure information assets are retained at the storage tier for optimal performance with the lowest total cost of ownership


GridBank for Storage Optimization

Creating Efficiency

With data proliferation fast outpacing budget growth, IT departments are under increasing pressure to do more with less. Today, organizations are turning to Tarmin for innovative solutions that leverage current IT infrastructure, maximize the efficiency of IT staff and position them ahead of the competition.

Cost of Managing Data Assets

Continual and explosive data and information growth is directly impacting on the cost of managing data assets. As the quantities of data for storage increases, so do the requirements in terms of hardware, maintenance and management, dramatically increasing costs. Managing, protecting and securing the data volumes increasingly occupies the time of IT staff, while employees and end-users struggle to find the appropriate information to operate efficiently. Tarmin’s GridBank platform simultaneously controls data volume growth and sprawl, enhances overloaded application server performance, and reduces search and data discovery times for end-users, significantly improving storage cost efficiency.