GridBank for Unstructured Data

Tarmin empowers organizations to realize value from digital assets, reducing data management and storage overheads, controlling compliance risks and understanding information, driving sustainable competitive advantage


GridBank for Unstructured Data Overview

Creating Efficiency

The unprecedented growth rate of big data has become one of the defining characteristics of the modern era. It is estimated that in this year alone more unique information will be created than in the 5,000 of history that preceded it. Exponential data growth poses a major challenge to businesses of all sizes. Unchecked growth of data and electronic information threatens to overwhelm the very foundations of IT, further taxing IT budget, raising new legal and compliance risks and imperiling business agility and the ability to garner insights and benefits from the stored information.

Enterprise Unstructured Data Management

As the storage volumes of unstructured data increase, organizations are grappling with the challenges laid out in the Three Pillars of GridBank, storing data, controlling risk and understanding information. As data volumes grow, the costs and overheads of storing that data are escalating. New dynamics are creating an environment where it is necessary to control the regulatory compliance, legal and commercial risks of data. Finally, with vast stores of big data, challenges arise in sifting through the data to search, perform analytics and understand the information. The GridBank platform provides a comprehensive toolkit for unstructured data management, reducing total cost of ownership of storage, controlling risk and understanding information.