GridBank for Managed Service Providers

GridBank for Managed Service Providers delivers a cloud storage solution for storage-as-a-service offerings which ensures end-users benefit from reduced storage costs, enhanced business agility and transformational technology services


GridBank for Managed Service Providers Overview

Delivering Reduced Costs, Greater Agility and Business Transformation Services

In today's world of increased volatility and dynamic change within the business environment in general, and big data and technology in particular, organizations are increasingly choosing to migrate their data and storage to service providers to achieve reduced costs, enhanced agility and to achieve business transformation, leveraging new technologies to address new markets. While this reflects huge opportunities for service providers, it also implies significant challenges in delivering the appropriate technologies to clients in order to adequately meet their needs. The GridBank Data Management Platform was designed from the ground up on the latest in enterprise-ready hybrid cloud software to deliver storage optimization to reduce complexity and cost, enhanced flexibility in business processes and to empower clients to understand, interpret and analyze their business critical information in powerful new ways.

Refocusing on Competencies

Managed Service Providers face key issues in providing an infrastructure which meets clients' needs for reliability, scalability and mobility, as well as delivering data classification and analytical packages for big data, while ensuring that they can deliver benefits in terms of reduced total cost of ownership and new ways to manage and operate their businesses. Customers of Managed Service Providers increasingly demand delivery of a broad portfolio of big data storage, information governance and analytical understanding of information services from their IT business partners. The GridBank Data Management Platform provides a framework for Managed Service Providers to support the growing range of customer requirements.