GridBank for Managed Service Providers

GridBank for Managed Service Providers delivers a cloud storage solution for storage-as-a-service offerings which ensures end-users benefit from reduced storage costs, enhanced business agility and transformational technology services


GridBank for Managed Service Providers Overview

Delivering Reduced Costs, Greater Agility and Business Transformation Services

In today's world of increased volatility and dynamic change within the business environment in general, and big data and technology in particular, organizations are increasingly choosing to migrate their data and storage to service providers to achieve reduced costs, enhanced agility and to achieve business transformation, leveraging new technologies to address new markets. While this reflects huge opportunities for service providers, it also implies significant challenges in delivering the appropriate technologies to clients in order to adequately meet their needs. The GridBank Data Management Platform was designed from the ground up on the latest in enterprise-ready hybrid cloud software to deliver storage optimization to reduce complexity and cost, enhanced flexibility in business processes and to empower clients to understand, interpret and analyze their business critical information in powerful new ways.

Refocusing on Competencies

Managed Service Providers face key issues in providing an infrastructure which meets clients' needs for reliability, scalability and mobility, as well as delivering data classification and analytical packages for big data, while ensuring that they can deliver benefits in terms of reduced total cost of ownership and new ways to manage and operate their businesses. Customers of Managed Service Providers increasingly demand delivery of a broad portfolio of big data storage, information governance and analytical understanding of information services from their IT business partners. The GridBank Data Management Platform provides a framework for Managed Service Providers to support the growing range of customer requirements.

Business Challenges

Business Challenges for Managed Service Providers

Addressing Economic Drivers

The current economic environment leads to four key drivers and challenges for Managed Service Providers:

  • Earn new recurring revenue by acquiring new clients
  • Build incremental sales of services and projects to existing customers
  • Reduce current operating and services costs
  • Improve customer retention

Managed Service Providers successfully address these economic drivers will achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.

Delivering Enhanced Services at Reduced Cost

Additionally, customers of Managed Service Providers are operating in an increasingly cost constrained environment and face the pressure to do more with less. As big data volumes are increasing, at growing velocity in ever wider varieties, they face challenges to ensure that they can store, retain, access and understand the large volumes of core business critical data at a lower cost. Additionally, they have a need to reduce the complexity of their ever increasing diversity in hardware, software and communications stacks, as well as consolidating information separated out into data silos and addressing data compliance concerns. Managed Service Providers need to identify ways to offer clients a reduced cost structure while overlaying a broader portfolio of offerings.

Achieving Improved Business Agility

Businesses operating in today's dynamic market have a need to be empowered to operate in an agile way to changes within the business environment. As new opportunities appear in new markets and new threats arise in existing ones, companies need access to their data to recognize the risks and modify their business processes, their go-to-market strategies and their business structures in a way that enables them to compete in new and compelling ways. They need access to Managed Service Providers who are able to deliver an infrastructure for data storage and management which meets these requirements for flexibility and agility.

Offering Greater Mobility

Furthermore, companies are increasingly looking for the ability to operate a mobile workforce. As working from home becomes more prevalent and people expect the ability to access data at their fingertips wherever, whenever they are, on any smart device or client, Managed Service Providers increasingly need to be able to provide customers access to data through a growing range of end-points.

Creating Business Transformation

The clients of Managed Service Providers increasingly desire tools and services to transform their business processes and business models moving into the future. They need to achieve technology enabled change to address new markets with new products in a global environment. They expect their Managed Service Providers to enable them to reach their customers in new and innovative ways.

The Tarmin GridBank Data Management Platform has been built from the ground up to empower Managed Service Providers to address these critical business challenges.

Tarmin Solutions

Tarmin Solutions for Managed Service Providers

Achieving Key Success Factors

There are four significant key success factors for Managed Service Providers. The Tarmin GridBank Data Management Platform enables Managed Service Providers to achieve those key success factors through enhanced service delivery. GridBank enables the four success factors below:

  • Acquisition of new customers in new markets through latest technologies for recurring revenues
  • Enhanced services offerings driving incremental sales to existing customers
  • Storage optimization delivering reduced cost and storage footprint
  • Improved customer retention through enhanced service delivery

Unified Data Management Platform

Additionally, the Tarmin GridBank Data Management Platform provides Managed Service Providers a toolkit for delivering results for their customers. It allows Managed Service Providers' customers to address their concerns regarding reduced cost and complexity, enhanced business agility and mobility and to benefit from the transformational aspects of technology. Additionally, it also empowers the Managed Service Providers to address their core economic drivers. Fully featured, and multi-tenancy at its core, GridBank offers a comprehensive scale out hybrid cloud storage optimization platform that reduces total cost of ownership, improves flexibility through geo-dispersed server redundancy and enables new business insights and processes for clients.

Hardware Agnostic Cloud Storage Optimization

The Tarmin GridBank platform is built from the ground up on the latest in enterprise technologies to provide hardware agnostic cloud based object storage optimization. Through Object Dedupe and compression, it reduces the storage footprint by a significant percentage. Additionally, through policy based automated data tiering and file system virtualization, data can be migrated to lower cost secondary storage ensuring optimized price/performance levels. Through combining disparate storage pools into a single global namespace, data silos and infrastructure complexity are reduced. By implementing the GridBank Data Management Platform, Managed Service Providers can reduce the cost of their storage infrastructure, pass the savings on to their clients and build profit margins.

Understanding Data with Big Data Analytics

As big data volumes grow at ever greater velocities and in wider varieties, organizations have a need to better understand the information that they store and gain insights for better business decisions. GridBank offers a platform for federated search across unstructured data held in disparate storage pools, ensuring that the workforce can access the right data in the right place at the right time. Additionally, with comprehensive reporting and classification services, GridBank provides a toolkit for Managed Service Providers to deliver big data analytics services to their clients.

Geo-Located Data Replication and Availability

Customers of Managed Service Providers demand high availability access to information based on strong SLAs and anticipated uptimes. The Tarmin GridBank solution is built on a grid computing architecture allowing for remote replication of data between separate data centers, ensuring that in the event of a disaster at one of the locations, data is still available and accessible from the second location. Additionally, through offering email and file archiving-as-a-service and locating data in public or private clouds, Managed Service Providers can ensure that their clients have the flexibility to adapt to changes in the business environment, as well as the ability to work remotely and in mobile ways through GridSync, GridBank's local to cloud synchronization technology, and smart device clients. The GridBank Data Management Platform will ensures that Managed Service Providers can meet the agility and mobility needs of their clients.

Empowering Business Transformation Services

The GridBank Data Management Platform enables Managed Service Providers to offer business transformation services to their clients. Through high availability information access and big data analytics, GridBank technologies provide organizations the power to identify where there are opportunities to enter new markets and the flexibility to adapt their business models to the environment. It assists Managed Service Providers in offering broader data management, including file and email archiving-as-a-service and business transformation consultative services, becoming a trusted IT business partner. Those Managed Service Providers which implement the GridBank Data Management Platform will be in a better position to strengthen their customer relationships through enhanced service offerings.

Taken together, it is clear that Managed Service Providers that offer the GridBank hybrid cloud data management platform will be better placed to meet the needs of their customers and meet their core objectives for themselves.


Tarmin Differentiators for Managed Service Providers

Single Platform for Comprehensive Data Management

Tarmin GridBank is a single code base, built from the ground up on the latest in enterprise technologies, to deliver a cloud based object storage platform with a specific focus on multi-tenancy offerings. Designed with defense industry standard security at its core and data check summing for integrity, Managed Service Providers can be assured of the levels of protection they offer their clients.

Enhanced SLAs for Clients through Geo-Dispersed Replication

GridBank offers a highly scalable platform for data management, designed to ensure that the right data is always available in the right place at the right time. Managed Service Providers can offer competitive SLAs for their clients with GridBank's geo-dispersed replication services providing high availability access to data through smart devices and GridSync, Tarmin's powerful local to cloud synchronization client.

Scalable Storage Optimization

Customers of Managed Service Providers choose their partners to reduce total cost of ownership of their IT services. Through comprehensive hardware agnostic object storage, Object Dedupe, compression and data tiering, GridBank delivers Managed Service Providers the opportunity to optimize their storage costs by reducing their primary storage footprint by up to 80%.

Cloud Storage Platform

The GridBank Data Management Platform enables Managed Service Providers to offer customers access to multi-site public, private or hybrid clouds, as well as on-premise solutions. It enables storage-as-a-service delivery through its own built-in REST API, an S3-compatible API and through an automated management console. GridBank also provides cloud gateway functionality to access industry leading third-party cloud providers, which altogether ensure that Managed Service Providers have the greatest level of flexibility in provisioning their services for clients.


  • The rapid growth of our company, through value enhancing acquisitions and successful exploration, is generating more and more data, much of it in isolated pools. [GridBank] will allow us to organize, store and protect our G&G data and create a platform for improving business efficiency while reducing TCO.

    — David Edwards, Group Head of Information Systems, Premier Oil, Plc.
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