GridBank for Oil and Gas

GridBank for Oil and Gas provides a data management platform designed to manage the growth of exploration and discovery data from upstream processes, delivering data retention, protection and high availability access at lower cost


GridBank for Oil and Gas Overview

Enhanced Business Performance through Information Management

Success in the oil and gas sector is driven by the efficient flow of information through the organization. Upstream exploration and discovery generate huge flows of data for storage, processing and interpretation. Through creation of a centralized data repository for information assets and making them globally accessible to all authorized employees in high availability storage pools, the GridBank data and information management platform empowers oil and gas businesses to operate their upstream more efficiently, quickly making better informed business decisions for enhanced agility and greater competitive advantage.

High Data Growth in the Energy Industry

Energy companies use highly sensitive equipment and collect complex information through seismic systems which generate huge volumes of data. The process of discovery and exploration of repositories of natural resources requires exceptionally precise measurements and data analysis. As the volume and velocity of the storage requirements in the sector increase, so do the challenges involved in data management. The costs and overheads involved in storage steadily increase, as do the difficulties in searching for and retrieving the right data at the right time. The GridBank platform significantly reduces the size of data volumes through Object Dedupe and compression, while creating a centralized data repository with high performance federated search and e-Discovery, improving information accessibility.

Data Protection and Security

Data protection is a significant concern in the energy industry. Since data is such a key asset to energy organizations, long term data retention is mandatory. The integrity of the data must outlast the hardware refreshes and physical failures. Additionally, data security and auditing is a key concern for the highly sensitive information. Finally, energy commodities organizations are subject to significant regulatory retention and data compliance concerns. The GridBank information governance framework offers a fully policy driven toolkit for retention and tamper-proof protection of data resources.

High Availability Information Access

The oil and gas industry is characterized by high levels of discovery-oriented innovation. Competitive advantage is driven by the ability to discover, identify and exploit natural resources faster and more effectively. In order for organizations to successfully achieve these goals, they need consistent, reliable access to their data assets. The GridBank Data Management Platform offers high availability by default, combining geographically dispersed storage pools transparently, ensuring continuous access to critical business information.