Data Management for the Enterprise

The flagship Tarmin product, GridBank Enterprise delivers a comprehensive suite of data and information management services for cloud storage, files and objects, Exchange and SharePoint

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Cloud Storage for Service Providers

GridBank Cloud Storage offers storage-as-a-service providers a hardware agnostic cloud-based object storage platform for delivering compelling cloud storage and data management services to internal and external customers

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Unstructured Data Management

As the proliferation of big unstructured data escalates at almost uncontrollable rates, GridBank for Files and Objects provides a platform for reducing data management overheads and increasing return on information assets

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Tarmin GridBank: The Premier Data Defined Storage Solution

Tarmin empowers organizations to reduce their cost of data storage, limit their business risk exposure and gain value from their information assets with GridBank, the premier Data Defined Storage solution for unstructured data management. GridBank takes a data centric approach to the the core data and storage challenges of operating in a data driven world, driving sustainable competitive advantage.

Tarmin GridBank Software

Key Features
  • Enterprise Object Storage
  • Global Namespace
  • Information Governance
  • Multi-Site Replication & Data Mobility
  • Search & Discovery
  • Application Integration

Tarmin GridBank, the premier Data Defined Storage solution for unstructured data management is a highly available, high performance, massively scalable, media independent data storage solution. It delivers media independent object storage, global namespace file system virtualization, information governance, failsafe replication and data mobility with end-to-end BYOD data protection, search and discovery and big analytics integration. By implementing the GridBank Data Management Platform, organizations reduce TCO, gain control of their information assets to reduce regulatory and compliance risks and can gain return on their data assets.

GridBank Enterprise

Comprehensive, fully featured platform for storing, controlling and understanding unstructured data and information, email assets and SharePoint content

GridBank Cloud Storage

Object storage-as-a-service, disaster recovery and high availability via a public and private cloud-based multi-tenancy geo-dispersed data management platform

GridBank for Files and Objects

Limit the growth of unstructured data across the network, consolidate data management and reduce storage costs

GridBank for Exchange

Keep email assets under control of corporate IT, reduce PST file spread and reduce the load on Exchange servers

GridBank for SharePoint

Enhance SharePoint application server performance, offset storage to secondary tiers and centralize search