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Tarmin Offers Ideas to Help Businesses Prosper in the Era of Big Data

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (Oct. 15, 2012) - PRNewswire - French philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau once said, "The world of reality has its limits; the world of imagination is boundless." Never has there been a truer example of this thought than in today's era of Big Data.

As imagination continues to grow, the technologies that capture, store, search, share and analyze this rapidly expanding trove of data generated have often struggled to keep pace. New approaches to managing this growing volume of data focused on the triumvirate of storage, controlling data to reduce risk and expanding our understanding of what the surge of data means in the aggregate have narrowed the gap and helped expand beyond the limitations that once existed and are now poised to help drive efficiency, innovation and economic growth into the future.

Forward-thinking leaders are well served to begin earnestly considering how they can best position their business for success in the Big Data era. Tarmin Inc., a leading provider of cloud-optimized data management and storage technologies, offers the following five ideas to help contextualize Big Data and design a plan to keep businesses moving forward:

  1. Like imagination, curiosity and data are limitless – Data growth is being driven by the ceaseless curiosity of humankind. Space exploration; the unraveling of the genome; the quest for new sources of energy, security, health and prosperity are all contributing to powerful and sustained growth of electronic data. The challenges in managing this data growth are real but so are the opportunities. Businesses looking to gain a competitive advantage should aim to leverage the data that is available to them by implementing a comprehensive solution that is designed to optimize the storage of data, control the risks it poses and help them to better understand and extract value from this growing tide of information.
  2. We've only begun to scratch the surface of knowledge – Water covers more than two-thirds of the Earth's surface yet many of its most valuable resources remain untapped; for example, there is estimated to be 100 times more gold dissolved in seawater than in known terrestrial mines. Finding a way to economically collect this resource in a sustainable manner would undoubtedly make one very prosperous. Similarly, there exists tremendous yet to be captured value in today's vast and rapidly expanding ocean of data. The data explosion is today occurring all around us. We are in real time witnessing the creation of vast new mines of informational gold. For businesses that implement these tools, the opportunity to grow and evolve is tectonic.
  3. While data storage costs fall, management costs continue to climb – The costs directly associated with the physical storage of data are often the principle focus of organizations when considering storage cost reduction, however this increasingly is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of total cost of ownership in managing business-critical information. Storage in and of itself has today become a commodity. Far larger in terms of storage costs than hardware are operational expenses associated with rapidly expanding data. More data means more administrators, more data increases time spent locating and retrieving data which in the aggregate can have a significant impact on employee resources and productivity. Unless a company has a comprehensive data management platform in place to help it gain control of its information assets and simplify its data storage and management infrastructure, costs can spiral out of control and can literally sink the ship. For businesses to prosper in the era of Big Data, they need to focus on implementing solutions that will help them gain the upper hand on rising operational expenses rather than focusing disproportionately on capital expenses.
  4. Handle with Care – A key component of overcoming the hurdles of managing Big Data is successfully navigating the numerous potential whirlpools of compliance and security issues that can drag an organization down. Implementing a data management solution that addresses access to information but doesn't adequately reduce regulatory and compliance risks exposes an organization to significant risk. With data being such a valuable asset, it is necessary to ensure it is protected from corruption, unauthorized access and to maintain its integrity against hardware failure or tampering. Businesses that adopt a platform that can protect, preserve and dispose of data will gain a competitive advantage over others that cannot navigate the regulatory, legal and commercial risks.
  5. Some data is like coffee, other data is like wine – Some data is like coffee, best when fresh, while other data improves with age, like fine wine. Whatever your preference, differing Big Data consumption highlights that there will be different management needs for individual organizations, as well as unique management challenges within an organization itself. The ability to quickly access freshly brewed information alongside aged data allows an organization to satisfy the needs of its users and add value to information sets regardless of its use case.

"The emergence of Big Data in the enterprise requires an entirely new line of thinking in terms of not only how that information is stored and managed but in how it can found and used, providing informed decision making," said Shahbaz Ali, President and CEO of Tarmin. "As long as there is curiosity and imagination in this world, the demand for storage to house these emerging ideas will always grow. Equally, if not more important to the storage resources themselves is how this information is accessed, used and understood to gain valuable business insights and to significantly reduce the total cost of ownership of this information. Overcoming these limitations is what ultimately will help businesses prosper in the era of Big Data."

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Tarmin Inc. is a leading provider of unstructured data management solutions designed for enterprise infrastructure and applications. Tarmin GridBank enables clients to meet the unprecedented challenges presented by big data as the costs associated with regulatory, legal and commercial risks of storing and maintaining this data escalate. Tarmin software removes the pain points of managing vast data flows and empowers organizations across industries to better store, control and understand their fast-growing, geographically dispersed unstructured data repositories. Tarmin's GridBank Data Management Platform is an integrated solution that blurs the line between infrastructure and applications to deliver the comprehensive scope, power and elasticity required to successfully address the challenges of unprecedented data growth, while achieving lower costs and improving the total management of vital business data and information.

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