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Business partners and leading IT Analyst firms recognize Tarmin GridBank and emerging category Data Defined Storage as a new breed of data management technology enabling customers to realize the value of data as a strategic asset


Tarmin and IBM – Premier Oil Case Study

Premier Oil overcomes data management complexities with the Data Defined Storage joint solution specifically designed for the Oil and Gas industry delivered by Tarmin and IBM

Case Study: Tarmin and IBM Deliver Solution to Premier Oil


Tarmin and IBM have collaborated to provide Premier Oil, a fast-growing upstream oil and gas exploration company, with a Data Defined Storage solution that:

  • Provided native support for O&G specific file formats
  • Deduped files to eliminate unnecessary data & reduce volumes
  • Reduced costs by migrating data & eliminating vendor lock-in

The collaboration has over delivered on many of the complex and industry specific requirements and standards, relieving the firm of their data woes and enabling them to focus on growing their business. Download the full case study here.

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