Partner and Analyst Coverage

Business partners and leading IT Analyst firms recognize Tarmin GridBank and emerging category Data Defined Storage as a new breed of data management technology enabling customers to realize the value of data as a strategic asset


The Evolution of Storage: Tarmin and IBM Infographic

Tarmin and powerhouse IBM collaborate to deliver a dynamic Data Defined Storage solution, the gateway to the new data age that focuses on gaining value from data and combines the extensive portfolio of IBM with Tarmin’s peerless solution GridBank Data Management Platform.

Tarmin and IBM Infographic


GridBank alongside IBM is the industry’s first purpose built data management solution designed to deliver transform the way organizations manage, scale, secure, retain, search, and gain value from unstructured data, while over delivering in all facets of data management including:

  • Reduced cost of ownership
  • Mitigate business risk
  • Improve revenue growth and business potential

Download the infographic to learn how to address unstructured data growth in The Data Era with Data Defined Storage.

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