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Near-Zero RTO

Reduce your RTOs from hours to just minutes. Deliver near-zero RTOs with always available data. On-the-fly rehydration. Instantly recover from failures, disasters, and ransomware.


Real-Time RPO

Continuous data protection enables you to meet aggressive RPO objectives. Decide which devices to protect and simply deploy the real time protection agent for ongoing protection.


Instant Search Results

Access data instantly with recovery by discovery. Search across databases, applications, or files with Google-like search, fully protected in the cloud.

<1 wk

Get Up & Running

Customers typically get up and running in under a week. Decide protection policies for your data and applications. Then just set and forget.


Hard Cost Savings

Achieve up to 80% in cost savings from infrastructure consolidation. Management simplicity increases OPEX savings over time while freeing resources up for true innovation.


Data Center Footprint Reduction

Eliminate complexity of legacy multi-point solutions with a single platform. Shrink your data center footprint up to 70%.

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GridBank Trial

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Data Backup Protection

Data Backup Protection

Tarmin provides a powerful data management platform that is designed to integrate with backup applications while facilitating a transition to an active archive model.

GridBank offers replication and integration with multiple backup applications, ensuring that global data is continuously protected with zero backup window for RPOs and RTOs measured in seconds and minutes rather than hours and days, improving operational efficiencies and productivity levels.

Manage Backup Datasets

Manage Backup Datasets

Increasingly stringent data compliance regulations and growing awareness of the risk of security breaches has led to a need for improved backup management.

GridBank's continuous versioning system allows for recreation of a system at any arbitrary point in time, while policy-driven data retention and trusted encryption and identification technologies provide flexible governance and cloud security solutions ensuring compliance and continuous protection.

Leveraging Backups

Leveraging Backups

GridBank integrates a powerful content inspection engine for capture and indexing of all the textual metadata within each individual file protected within the backup application output file.

Content metadata-driven orchestration of protection datasets allows users to benefit from self-service search-driven data recovery, classification of data and instant on-demand creation of dataset copies ensuring high availability for business continuity, disaster recovery, development or testing.



Global Deduplication

Retain a single backup copy

Zero Backup Window

Continuous data protection services

Backup Accessibility

View all backups as file shares

Versioning Time Machine

Recreate any arbitrary moment

Governance & Compliance

Managed retention policies

Cloud Security

Trusted encryption & identity management

Recovery by Discovery

Search-powered recovery

Data Classification

Separately manage data by type

Instant Copy Creation

Support BC/DR/Dev/Test with instant copies

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